Natural superfoods and medicines take root in US market

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The use of natural medicines and herbal supplements have grown over the past years. In 2016 alone, the herbal supplements market was a $7 billion industry, and it is expected to continue the upward direction. With this, research has been done to prove the benefits of natural foods and herbs. In the same way, more and more companies join the natural foods market with an aim to help society live a more healthy lifestyle.

Popularity increasing with verifiable credibility

Natural products have gained acceptance within diverse demographics, ranging from the millennials to the ageing population. The results from various studies are supporting claims that botanical-based products are effective deterrents to cancer and bolstering the industry’s reputation.

“Potential anti-cancer superfoods: A minireview,” an academic article from June 2016, provides a more in-depth look at the benefits of natural herbs and foods to the well-being. It suggests that tea, green tea, onions, leafy vegetables, olive oil, argan oil, fruits, traditional Asian spices, herbs and tomatoes are examples of superfoods consisting of several molecules that can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells with an ability to act as “chemo preventers.”

The study covers various foods, too. For example, pomegranate juice is a potent inhibitor of prostate cancer progression; cinnamon is a widely consumed traditional herbal medicine that has diverse metabolic advantages, such as anti-oncogenic activity. There are reports that state an anti-neoplastic effect of cinnamon on cervical cancer. The active, vital component of turmeric, curcumin, is a non-toxic compound well-known for its inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer for several types of cancers.

Growing number of diseases jumpstarting demand

With the growing number of cancer and other debilitating diseases in the world, the demand for herbal medicines and health supplements have also grown. Worldwide cancer cases are projected to increase by 50% from 14 million to 21 million, from 2012 to 2030. This is also what gave birth to companies that offer natural health supplements and remedies.

“I have always been drawn toward leading a healthy lifestyle with the help of organic products as it is important to feed the body with natural substances which not only improve but also help eliminate a variety of diseases,” Rishabh Chokhani, CEO and founder of Naturevibe Botanicals.

Mr Chokhani is an entrepreneur on a mission to improve people’s health naturally. He aims to get the rest of the world to adapt to natural superfoods and essentials in a tasteful manner with the launching of his company, Naturevibe Botanicals.

He is not just the CEO and founder of a company that sells spices, herbs, food sauces, dietary supplements and cosmetics made from botanical sources worldwide, including from his native country; he is also a walking, talking role model. He reflects the benefits derived from embracing a lifestyle of wellness and healthfulness centred on the secrets of the Eastern culture’s culinary habits and use of nature-provided essentials.

The acceptance of indigenous, botanical-related sources for essential oils, herbs, food sources and cosmetics weaved into Eastern culture for centuries have also grown in Western cultures such as the US or UK.

“It is a passion with deep roots that defines both personally and professionally,” Chokhani said when asked about the launching of Naturevibe Botanicals in the US. His family owns and operates a successful group of firms under the umbrella of the Euroasia’s Group of Companies in India, giving him a unique advantage in cultivating the finest superfoods and botanicals of India.

The vibrant, 29-year-old CEO wants Naturevibe Botanicals to resonate his personal philosophy completely. His goal is to make a difference in the world and encourage people to adapt superfoods and herbs found in nature, stressing the positive impact it has on both the body and the mind. 

Industry’s turning point in 2015

The public’s awareness of the benefits of natural superfoods, herbal extracts and essential oils has grown a lot over the past few years. The industry has been on the rise since 2015, which was also perceived as a low point for the industry when its standards were challenged. This resulted in the Office of the Attorney General for the State of New York pulling these products from retailers’ shelves until proven to work as advertised.

This potentially industry-killing setback turned out to be a defining moment for the herb and botanical industry. The market grew as satisfied customers remained loyal to botanical-based products, and credible manufacturers stepped up their efforts to quantify the healthfulness of their products. From that point, quality control became a central focus for the industry and educated consumers, who want to know the origins of the products they are buying.

The future of the industry

The herb and botanical industries are projected to increase globally. Apparently, industry insiders are anticipating an uptick as well.

“We are seeing people at all ages and stages in their lives using botanical products,” said Ramon Luna, the marketing executive at Ecuadorian Forest, as reported by Nutraceuticals World.

Naturevibe Botanical’s Rishabh Chokhani is also confident about bringing his line of botanical products to the US market.

“I see the USA as one of the biggest market for botanicals since people are spending a lot of money on dietary supplements, alternative medicines, and wellness. At this point, there is a lot of awareness of natural, organic and non-GMO products; it is fad of going ‘raw’ with it. Our goal is to be one of the largest botanical companies in USA providing only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients to the American market.”