Most Googled in Australia 2017: Sophie Monk, fidget spinners, bitcoin, Amazon

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A man stands next to the bitcoin sign during Riga Comm 2017, a business technology and innovation fair in Riga, Latvia November 9, 2017. Reuters/Ints Kalnins

Google searches in Australia 2017 show that Aussies were curious about a lot of things this year, from fidget spinners and new Apple iPhones to local drug traffickers and news about celebrity Sophie Monk. Australians also wanted to know what bitcoin was and did not show much interest in United States leader Donald Trump’s presidency.

Google Australia released the top searches on Wednesday, showing how one toy was trendy this year. For many Australians, fidget spinners were the craze.

This was confirmed by Google Australia communications manager Camilla Ibrahim. The words "fidget spinner" appeared on three of the top trending lists as Aussies wanted to know what they are and how to DIY. Also, there have been several “why is” this year, like why Pandora is shutting down, why Australia Day is on January 26 and “why is my Internet so slow.”

Most Googled people in 2017

Sophie Monk, the bachelorette who was looking for love on a reality television show, captured the attention of several Australians. Other names that made it on the list of most Googled were the following: Kate Fischer, Schapelle Corby, Ben McCormack, Dustin Martin, Cassie Sainsbury, Lisa Wilkinson, Paul Hogan, Katherine Langford and Amber Sherlock.

In other parts of the world, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein led the list of the most Google people. Internet users also spent time gathering information about musician Ed Sheeran, as well as celebrities Gal Gadot, Floyd Mayweather and Pippa Middleton.

In sports, tennis was the most popular query. Australian users remain concerned about sports as it still inspired the greatest number of questions.

The search giant has found that Australian Open in January was the most investigated topic in the country in 2017. Wimbledon and the Australia Open were also top searches in sports. Overall in Australia, here are the top trending terms for 2017.

     Australian Open 2017

    Melbourne Cup 2017

    Wimbledon 2017

    Fidget spinner

    Cyclone Debbie

    iPhone 8

    North Korea

    Chris Cornell

    iPhone X

    Amazon Australia site

“How to” searches were about making fluffy slime, buying bitcoin and more. The following are top how to searchers for 2017.

How to make slime

How to make a fidget spinner

How to make fluffy slime

How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor

How to buy bitcoin

How to make slime without borax

How to use Snapchat map

How to unblock people on Instagram

How to make slime without glue

How to vote for gay marriage

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