Actress Kaling and television host Daly announce the Outstanding Variety Series nominees in North Hollywood
IN PHOTO: Actress Mindy Kaling (L) and television host Carson Daly announce the nominees for Outstanding Variety Series during the nominations announcement for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in North Hollywood, California July 10, 2014. REUTERS

Mindy Kaling said she delivered a risky joke about women on her show “The Mindy Project,” but surprisingly got away with it. She also shared her views on marriage and having kids.

Mindy Kaling believes the show where she is the producer, the writer, and the star all at the same time “The Mindy Project,” took risks that no other shows did. It may have been cancelled by Fox, but Mindy is very proud of it for its risqué and yet relevant social commentary. Not to mention, the show might still continue, albeit in another format.

In her interview with Instyle, Kaling shared that she was surprised she got away with a joke regarding working women. ""The character Danny doesn’t want Mindy to go back to San Francisco to start a fertility clinic; he wants her to stay in New York, stop working, and take care of their family … She’s like, 'It’s the 20th century, Danny. A woman can work and have a baby with no problem. I mean, rich women can,’” she detailed. Kaling said this was a very risky joke but true nonetheless. She said women who are harping about being able to work and take care of their family at the same time, are women who are well off, or at least have money and yet they are claiming it to be a “universal thing.”

On the same interview, she said that she does not feel the urge to settle down. However, she is also definite with her feelings about having children, especially since she and her mom has a very special relationship.

Even though her show has been cancelled by Fox, there are reports that it would soon come to Hulu. This means that fans can still watch it via streaming. According to Seattle Times, Universal Television, which is the studio behind “The Mindy Project,” is already negotiating with Hulu after Fox decided not to proceed with a fourth season. If the deal pushes through, fans might get two more seasons of the show, or even more. In an interview with the Times, prior to the show being axed, Kaling herself said she is not opposed to the idea being rescued by an online platform.

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