A group of boys at a Melbourne private school were suspended after compiling a spreadsheet that ranked their female classmates and objectified them in a "disgraceful" and "disgusting" manner.

Yarra Valley Grammar in Ringwood sparked outrage after the spreadsheet surfaced, reportedly ranking female students on a degrading scale from "wifeys," "cuties," "mid," "object," "get out," all the way down to "unrapable," The Guradian reported.

The school principal, Mark Merry, said he suspended the boys as soon as a screenshot of the notorious spreadsheet came to light, adding that he was "shocked and outraged" by the conduct of those involved.

"When it was brought to my attention, I just could not believe that anyone could A – objectify our young women like that, their fellow students, and B – be so cruel," he told ABC News Breakfast on Monday.

"We're attempting to pick up the pieces now. What has been said can't be unsaid, and now we're facing the consequences of it here at the school."

The report has been turned over to the police to ensure there was no involvement in a criminal offense. Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan said she was appalled by the incident amid the ongoing national debate against violence against women.

"The behavior that's been reported today at the school in Ringwood is misogynist, disgraceful, disgusting, and utterly unacceptable," the premier told The Guardian in a statement.

"To think that you're sitting in a classroom with classmates who not just hold these views but write them down and share them," Allan said.

"This is no joke. Respect for women has to be at the forefront of every classroom, household, and every part of our community because too many women are subjected to violence, too many women are losing their lives."

The incident comes as the nation is reeling under a wave of rallies calling for legislative actions to curb violence against women after the horrific murders of over 30 women this year at the hands of a man since the start of 2024.

Following a national cabinet meeting, the federal government responded by announcing a fresh support package. This package includes programs to counteract dangerous internet content targeting youth, as well as financial support for women leaving violent relationships. The campaigns will target sexist and violent porn material in particular.

The event, according to Federal Education Minister Jason Clare, demonstrates the need for appropriate grooming courses in the school curriculum for young pupils so that they don't act in such overtly sexist ways and treat people of all genders with respect.

"It is disgusting and appalling, I'm glad that the students have been suspended," Mr. Clare told NCA on Monday.

"It demonstrates that there is still a lot more work to do, it's a job not just for schools, but for parents and political leaders like me as well.

"Part of that is providing funding to schools right across the country for respectful relationship courses and consent courses. I'm signing agreements with all states and territories at the moment to do that, and that's about $77 million that will roll out across the country."