Riding a bike used to be a great way for exercise and it's still is but the formerly fun activity is now a looming hazard in Australia's streets.

In a November 16 report of SMH, three cyclists were killed in Sydney's suburbs. The cyclists, all reportedly in their 40s, were killed after vehicles on the road clipped them.

A 40-year-old woman who was riding a bike died in a hospital after she collided with a truck in the inner west of Sydney.

44-year-old Matthew Fitzgerald is another victim. The 44-year-old died Saturday a week after the cyclist fell to the road in the southern part of Sydney.

While Fitzegerald was wearing a helmet, the father-of-two suffered head injuries. He was in a coma before his death.

Rising Death Toll

According to SMH, NSW is the most dangerous Austrlian state to ride a bike. Statistics show, SMH says, that a total of 15 cyclists were killed this year, more than the total in the year 2012. The national total is now at 46, sources say.

News.com.au reports Friday that a 24-year-old died in a road mishap in February 2013 where a Mitsubishi ute collided with his bike. A week later, two more cyclists died. General Manager Marg Prendergast of the NSW Centre for Road Safety was reportedly alarmed by the deaths.

Another victim died after the three, reports say and this time it happened to an accomplished cyclist. The cyclist was reportedly gearing up for a charity ride to raise funds for abused children and homeless individuals.

Death toll for cyclists has risen since then according to reports and the deaths did not only happen in NSW.

The spike has risen to 42 per cent. An Amy Gillett Foundation spokesman told News.com.au that what has been happening is "disastrous".

Gung Ho Cyclists or Bad Drivers?

Car drivers are pointing fingers according to sources saying that some cyclists on the road are gung ho and disobey rules. Some Australian motorists, based on the News.com.au report, on the other hand are deemed as the worst drivers in the country according to Aussie cyclists.