Lady Kitty 'not really royal’ and not entitled to inheritance

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Spencer Family
Earl Spencer and his children (L to R) Louis, Eliza, Kitty and Amelia, watch the opening of a playground in Hyde Park dedicated to the memory of his sister Diana, Princess of Wales, London, June 30. Reuters/Michael Crabtree

London’s aristocratic eyebrows have been raised against Lady Kitty Spencer, who is tagged as United Kingdom’s hottest royal celebrity, due to her recent controversial activities. The 24-year-old is heating up the Internet with her racy cover picture in Tatler magazine and her attention-grabbing bikini shots on Instagram.

Despite being the niece of the late Princess Diana whose lineage goes way back to the Tudor era, New York Post reports that Kitty has no claim over her family’s fortune because technically, “she’s not really royal.”

Her father is Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer and the brother of the late Princess Diana. Kitty is first cousins with Princes William and Harry but claims not to be part of the “inner circle” of the royal family. To be politically correct, she is not in line for the throne, but she is a member of British aristocracy.

High society also frowns upon her mother, Victoria Lockwood, who has a history of drinking and drug problems as well as anorexia. Her mom has since recovered and is now working as an addiction counsellor. In an interview with Hello magazine, Lockwood said, “I attend recovery meetings every week and I will do so for the rest of my life.”

Kitty is not entitled to inheritance because of the controversial primogeniture succession system wherein females cannot inherit the family’s estate. Althorp, the 13,000-acre Spencer family estate since 1505, will go to her younger brother, Louis.

In an interview with Telegraph , Kitty said that she is not bothered by the succession system, though she said that generally speaking, she is “totally pro- gender equality.” She said, “I’m quite happy that that’s [going to be] my brother’s responsibility. I just think it’s the correct way.”

Today, aside from being a model, Kitty also works for Give Us Time, a charitable institution that helps arrange subsidised vacations for military families who have difficulty finding time and resources for it.

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