Labor MP Anna Burke to resign, has ‘mixed emotions’

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Malcolm Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull, former Liberal Party leader and the communications spokesman for the Liberal-led coalition, smiles as he answers questions during a news conference in Sydney September 3, 2013. Reuters/David Gray

Former speaker and Labor MP Anna Burke has decided to quit her career in Australian federal politics. She announced her resignation from her political responsibilities on Wednesday.

Burke’s goodbye would be a sad moment for the Australian Labor Party because of her strong stand in Chisholm where people support her even though the area had a margin of less than 2 percent.

She will be the second member from ALP to quit a political career after Kelvin Thomson’s decision to retire voluntarily from his Wills seat in March.

In her statement, she said that the time has now come when she should quit her professional responsibilities. She added that she was resigning to look after her family and two young children. “Maddie and John are no longer young, and I hope I have not sacrificed my family for my job,” she said. “I said I would go when I was no longer able to give the job 100 percent and I just can’t guarantee it anymore.”

Burke said that she was leaving because she believed that everyone has to go sometime and this was the right time to quit as she no longer cherished her moment in electorate. She claimed that she was not running away from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s coalition as she knew that people will understand soon that “Malcolm is sound and fury, full of nothing.”

Before she bid goodbye to the Australian politics, she favoured former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and said that he was more suitable with better turn of phrase.

Burke, 49, has been in federal politics since 1988.

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