How To Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio?

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A cryptocurrency portfolio is a mode to direct your catalog of all of your online cryptocurrency investments. This is a detailed representation of all the crypto coins you own, their current value, and relevant value according to market demographics. This portfolio can be used by either an investor or a trader. 

Why is there a need to build a crypto portfolio? 

A crypto portfolio basically shows a business’s current profit or loss statement. There are several big credibilities holding coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum in the market but you never know If their value is going to crash one day or not. So, It is considered a safe side to fill your crypto portfolio with other low-value coins which may benefit you in the longer run. It shows a balance in investment since the crypto market is volatile in nature. 

A Crypto portfolio is like any other business portfolio and is mostly a part of your overall investment. Most financial advisors even suggest having only 5-10% of crypto coin stocks because of It being unpredictable in value. But as this side of technology is emerging every day, we might see stability in some of the high-value coins in a few years. 

Managing your crypto portfolio 

There are certain methods how you can manage your online crypto portfolio, some of them are mentioned as follows 


This is one of the basic principles used by investors which eliminates risks by a noticeable percentage and increases the chance of profit. By diversifying your crypto portfolio you are adding various different coins to your investment and for this purpose websites like Bitcoin motion can be used that deal is buying and trading crypto coins. Also trying new blockchain plans can leverage more opportunities for gains. This makes sure that the trading member does not lose all his assets If the market crashes. 

Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers 

To manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, you can make use of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. These track the entire value of your cryptocurrencies as an investor across all your different wallets, platforms, exchanges, and block-chain in real-world time. This makes it easier for you to manage all your coins and investment in one place. Examples are Coin Market Manager and Coin Stats. 

Keep an Exit Plan 

Entering the cryptocurrency market is easy, you invest and want to experiment. But It is essential for the long term to know when you should exit. You should set limits that should not exceed your backup asset limit. Know when to stop in a crypto market or you can suffer from some serious financial consequences. 


You can decide which percentage to allocate to which part of your crypto portfolio. Bigger percentages can be allotted to bigger coins like Ethereum or Bitcoin or Cardano. And you can allocate a smaller percentage to the lesser-known coins to hold them If there can be any profit margin from them later on. Keeping in mind the risk/reward ratio, you can adjust where you want to appoint which value of the investment. 

Engaging strategy 

Make a strategy about what and how much you want to invest in the crypto market. This plan helps to reduce the risk of losses in case of market crashes. When coin value decreases, this trading strategy will prevent you from excessive purchasing of coins in hopes for them to increase in some time. It keeps your investments on track and allows you to trade based on your plan. 


Cryptocurrency will remain a topic of interest as long as the market value keeps fluctuating. It made its place in the form of stocks in the real-time market as well. The people of this world are revolving towards this mode of investment, which leads to building crypto-wallets and crypto portfolios which can be managed by taking a few tips. One of the important ones is keeping a crypto portfolio tracker to analyze and track all the investments made. Cryptocurrency even after being volatile, If invested wisely can prove to be a great long-term asset. 

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