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Equity crowdfunding is one of the newer concepts that has completely revolutionised the startup industry. Thanks to equity crowdfunding, startups now have greater chances of receiving more funds, as investors now have the prospect of returns to wait for. It’s an ever-evolving practice that continues to find its way into various industries.

There are a few reasons why equity crowdfunding is a must for not just startups, but established businesses as well. First off, this form of fundraising allows entrepreneurs to further validate their businesses and help promote growth. Investors are most likely to comment on and review the company’s current structure. Entrepreneurs can use this advice to reshape their businesses in a way that would make their backers much happier.

Equity crowdfunding also provides a solid marketing opportunity for entrepreneurs. Businesses which go through this type of funding gain access to a new audience. Furthermore, it allows them to build new relations with others.

This type of crowdfunding is for everyone and companies of all sizes can use it effectively. One company that is making big steps using equity crowdfunding is Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DATI), formerly known as Digital Arts Media Network.

DATI takes big steps with WorkDone through equity crowdfunding

Specialized tech accelerator Digital Asset Monetary Network, or DigitalAMN, is a key player in the startup industry. When it began, the Company focused on providing the effective Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model to the startup community.

It was a big help to the industry, as the structure of the model benefitted both the startup, the investor and everyday people. Highly vetted tech startups were given access to a pool of ‘smart-money’ [experienced] investors, consequently increasing their chances of getting funded. Investors, on the other hand, received access to liquidity in as early as 24 months instead of 10 years, thereby reducing overall risks.

DigitalAMN is looking to further strengthen its efforts for the startup industry with its investment in WorkDone Inc.’s truCrowd crowdfunding campaign. This recent strategic move is also a part of the Company’s commitment to support all of their client-companies in achieving their funding goals, while building a valuable equity portfolio of fast-growth, high-valued startups and development stage companies.

According to DigitalAMN CEO Ajene Watson, “truCrowd is one of the best portals for crowdfunding - subsequently supported by’s Top 10 Ranking of truCrowd.” He adds, “ DATI assists by supporting those qualifying issuers who have become clients, by providing ongoing financial support and investment capital.” Watson hopes that startups see the potential in truCrowd when it comes to their funding needs.

One of DigitalAMN’s first equity crowdfunding projects is WorkDone. DigitalAMN assisted the Artificial Intelligence Digital Workforce Platform Developer in its onboarding process onto the truCrowd platform. DigitalAMN also assisted WorkDone with the legal and marketing aspects of its crowdfunding campaign, while providing further financial aid to the company.

Because of its investment in WorkDone, DATI is entitled to the equity in WorkDone. Of course, DATI’s equity in this and other companies in its portfolio will benefit DigitalAMN shareholders as well.

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