How to choose NBN Plans

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There are lots of NBN providers today and deciding on the best plan could be rather hard, especially when you don't know what you need to check out for. However, it’s always important to consider the best discounts on offer to get the most out of the service that you eventually settle for. You can find registered providers online and there are a few resellers that you might also want to consider.

The choice you make ultimately has to be in line with your needs like the quality of service, client satisfaction, the price, and the speed of web connection that you need. If you’re new to the game, you don’t have to rely on a field regulator to do the work for you. Here’s a list of what you have to consider and check before you make the big decision:

Know Your Requirements

Before you subscribe to any service, you need to have a great broadband strategy. You have to know your personal web consumption and your requirements for an NBN provider. Check the details and consumption patterns of your peers and other people with the same web demands as these can help you figure out what you’ll need from your broadband service.

Younger people tend to spend more time online and can consume more data. On the other hand, the working demographic and those above age 45 put in less time on the Internet — something worth considering when choosing your ISP plan.

Internet use relate to ISP requirements

Data requirements vary depending on the Internet usage. Each user has different browsing behaviors, but it can easily be predicted on the basis of how they use the Internet.

Many classifications could be done based on age. However, the types of users can be categorized based on how they use the Internet, which also decides how much data they use.

Net surfer:

If you only use the web to access your emails, make online calls, browse the web and connect on some social media, you’re only a casual user and probably use no more than 300MB per hour.

Online gamer:

Generally, web gamers use up only around 40MB each hour. However, this could swell up when downloading brand-new titles and updates to games. When those are factored in, you might need around 100 to 200GB for Internet data monthly basis.

Social Networker:

If you use the Internet to stay connected with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; check blog post; watching video clips and view images, then you could be using up anywhere between 120MB per hour for casual browsing to 3.5GB for video streaming.

Anyone falling under this category would need around 2GB of data every hour.

Video frenzy:

If you spend most of your time watching videos on Youtube — from How To’s to live streamings — then you could be eating considerable Internet data. While the consumption depends on the quality of your streaming, you could average around 3.5GB every hour.

Consider all these items and you'll be able to choose the best NBN for your household.