A surfer enjoys a cool surf at sunrise at Sydney's Manly Beach February 19, 2004 as Australia experiences heatwaves from coast to coast. Reuters/Tim Wimborne

A heatwave is settling in across NSW and the temperatures are likely to soar in the coming few days. A slight relief may be observed in weather on Jan. 12, Thursday. However, from Friday, the temperatures will keep increasing gradually until Sunday.

On Thursday, it is predicted that the southeastern wind will bring some relief to the weather conditions. However, on Friday, the temperatures will start to gradually soar again.

“Friday will be the worst for most inland parts of NSW, with temperatures into the high 30s and low 40s,” according to Senior Forecaster Neale Fraser of Bureau of Meteorology. “It won’t be until Sunday when we will see relief again.”

Heatwave NSW: Effects in different regions

The weather will be better in the coastal regions. It will range between 20C to 30C because of the coastal breeze. Sydney’s temperature is relatively mild today being 29C at the maximum according to BOM forecasts. In Penrith, the temperature is expected to rise even further on Monday around 38C, which will be maintained until Wednesday and might even rise to 40C on the day.

The forecast says that the temperatures will be between 30C and 40C across inland NSW on Sunday. “Northern NSW will be the worst affected. Later in the week, they will have an extreme level heatwave,” Fraser told News.com.au. Towns such as Bourke and Cobar, which are located inland NSW will be most affected by the heatwave as the temperature here will be extremely high. He said that most likely the temperature in these towns will not fall down below 40C and would rather remain around 45C.

Similar weather conditions were witnessed in Melbourne on Saturday when the temperature rose to 37C giving no relief to the residents there. The temperature has however dipped to 28C today. Victoria as well sweltered through heatwave on Saturday. About 15 incidents because of the same were reported by 5PM that day.

Last year was reportedly the fourth warmest year for Australia per the records. It seems that the heat continues to scorch Australia in 2017 as well. Meanwhile, in the wake of heatwave in NSW, the BOM has urged the people to drink lots of water and stay indoors as much as possible.