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The young Bruce Wayne may be getting a new love interest in Season 2 of the FOX series “Gotham.” The casting of young actress Natalie Alyn Lind as Silver St. Cloud has sparked speculations about the new love angle for the young protagonist as well as the deeper involvement of the Galavans. [Warning: Spoiler Alert!]

Entertainment Weekly exclusively confirmed that “The Goldbergs” actress will be joining the cast of “Gotham” for the upcoming season. Created as a prequel to the popular “Batman” story line, the series delves into the beginnings of famous characters from the franchise.

The character of Silver St. Cloud appears in the “Batman” comic books as a love interest for the adult Bruce Wayne. In the series, Wayne is a mere teenager played by young actor David Mazouz. In season 1, he formed a friendship and a subtle romantic link with another young character named Selina Kyle. Kyle's character is widely believe to be the future Catwoman.

The inclusion of the character of Silver St. Cloud gives a clue into the deeper role that the Galavans will be playing in the second season. It was earlier reported by IGN that Jessica Lucas and James Fran have been cast as Tabatha and Theo Galavan. The brother-sister tandem will be new villains that will be introduced in the upcoming season.

Silver St. Cloud is their niece and according to the EW report, St. Cloud will be introducing Wayne to heruncle. Both teenagers will be drawn to each other due to their shared experience of losing their parents at a young age. St. Cloud however, is described as a "friend" and "love interest" but she is also described as having “a heart beating with dark intent.”

It seems that St. Cloud and the Galavans will be a family of villains who will be wreaking havoc in Gotham City in season 2 of “Gotham.” They will be joining a cast of villains that already includes some iconic “Batman” characters like Penguin, The Riddler and Joker.

“Gotham” Season 2 is scheduled to return on Sunday, Sep 21. The series airs at 8:00 pm ET on FOX.

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