Germany strengthens anti-ISIS surveillance, terrorist group promises to destroy Saudi prisons

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Iraqi security forces and pro-government Sunni tribal fighters help trapped civilians to cross from neighborhoods under control of Islamic State group to neighborhoods under control of Iraqi security forces in Ramadi city,Iraq January 4, 2016. Picture taken January 4, 2016. Reuters/Stringer

Germany has been working on strengthening its anti-ISIS surveillance efforts as it added four more Tornado reconnaissance planes in Turkey. On the other hand, the extremist group has threatened to attack Saudi Arabian prisons detaining ISIS members.

Germany gave Turkey four more planes to boost the US-led coalition in its fight against the Islamic State. The move should be completed with the arrival of two jets next week. According to RT, two Tornado jets departed the Jagel air base in Germany at around 8:30 a.m. GMT. Half an hour later, another two departed from the Büchel airbase. SWR verified the information with a Bundeswehr spokesman. 

“With the two other Tornado jets expected to arrive in Turkey on January 12, a total of six aircrafts will be ready for the surveillance mission,” said Luftwaffe in a statement. Luftwaffe Brig. Gen. Andreas Schick added that the flights will start as soon as Friday. 

“Our goal is to reach full operational capability in mid-January,” explained the official.

Despite the campaigns against the extremist group, ISIS still maintains a strong front as it threatens to attack prisons in Saudi holding its members. Iran faced diplomatic problems following Riyadh’s execution of 47 people in the previous week. The well-known Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr was also included in the act. 

Despite the crisis considerably stemming from the conflict between the majority of the Sunni world and Shia Iran, around 43 of the people executed were known members of Al-Queda. As a result, ISIS or the Islamic State group will be targeting al-Ha’ir and Tarifya prisons. According to reports, the mentioned prisons are holding suspected IS and Al-Queda members.

According to another report by RT, the group has been calling out for the release of the captives. However, it also appears that the members will resort to burning the prisons. The group claims that it will do such to take out the ruling system.

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