Games get major discounts as Fanatical holds hourly Black Friday Flash Deals

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Fanatical, formerly known as Bundle Stars, is currently holding its Black Friday sale. The site has also begun its Black Friday Flash Deals, revealing one discounted game after every hour.

One of the busiest days for shopping has arrived. Black Friday has come in full swing, with every major game store trying its best to outmanoeuvre the others with eye-catching deals and discounts. Fanatical itself has already started its Black Friday sale four days in advance, ending on Tuesday, November 28. Its Flash Deals for Steam keys are worth checking out.

There are seven games on the deals page as of writing. The titles vary, from horror to first-person shooters.

The first in the list is “Insurgency” (US$0.99/AU$1.30), a first-person action game that pits law enforcers against terrorists. It is highly recommendable as far as realism is concerned. Setting itself apart from games like “CS:GO” and Call of Duty, “Insurgency” makes it a point to offer players an immersive experience. The lack of crosshair and the agitating rate of respawns provide challenging yet rewarding gameplay even for veteran players.

“The Evil Within” is definitely a horror title almost everyone is familiar with. Its sequel, though it has only been released, already has a staggering 57% off discount in Fanatical. As part of the Flash Deal, the original currently costs US$4.69 (AU$6.15).

If you plan to get any of the games in the Black Friday Flash Deals, you better make it quick. The discounts “are only available for 24 hours or while stocks last,” according to Fanatical. To check out the deals, visit the website here.