Friday could be Sydney’s hottest day in winter to date

But weathermen expects a ‘cooler’ weekend
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Beachgoers lie on their towels on Tamarama beach during a hot spring day in Sydney, Australia, November 1, 2015. Reuters/David Gray

Sydney’s hottest day in the middle of winter could be recorded this week as temperature levels on Friday are expected to go over 26 degrees.

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology forecasts temperature levels in Sydney to range between 14 degrees and 25 degrees Celcius.

According to state weather experts, Friday will be mostly sunny but there is a 60 percent chance of rain showers in the evening.


However, Weatherzone meteorologist Tristan Meyers said there is basis to predict that temperature can reach and even breach the 26 degree levels.

“Looking at the models now, they are indicating a top of 25 to 26 degrees, so it's on the precipice. There's a chance we could see a record on Friday,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

If temperature levels do reach that mark on Friday, it would surpass the previous hottest July day that recorded a 25.9 degrees in 1990.

"One thing is for sure: even if it's not record breaking, it will feel pretty warm,” he added.

This week, Sydney recorded its warmest July night with 16.5 degrees last Wednesday. The average July minimum temperature is at 8.1 degrees.

Despite the weather forecasts for Friday, the weekend is expected to be cooler yet sunny with a 13 to 19 degree temperature expected for Saturday and from 7 to 15 degrees for Sunday.

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