Ellen DeGeneres Shares Test Footage With Tom Hanks From 20 Years Ago [Watch]

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Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 5, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California.

Ellen DeGeneres shared the test footage she recorded at her home 20 years ago, with Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt and Alanis Morissette, to provide the network executives at that time a glimpse of how "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will turn out.

The 64-year-old shared the footage of the test interviews, recorded on Sept. 13, 2002, in her latest episode and revealed that it was shot in her living room.

"We have put together – I hope you find it entertaining – a little package, a little show, because I thought that it was important to show sort of the direction that I’m thinking," DeGeneres said in the beginning of the test footage.

"So, I wanted to make sure that you understand, sort of, that I can do this, because I feel so excited about it and I can’t wait to do it," she continued. "I called up some friends, and I said, ‘Would you mind coming over to my house?'"

The video cuts to Hanks sitting across DeGeneres, and asking questions to the host: "Here’s the question you must answer: Band? Yes or no? Witty banter with a piano player?"

DeGeneres suggested jokingly, "Why don’t you and Alanis – she’s next – why don’t you and Alanis be my house band?"

After Hanks, DeGeneres can be seen talking to Morissette. "I really wanna talk about your hair, when’s the last time you cut it?" DeGeneres asked, to which Morissette responded, "It’s been a while. It’s due for a little trim."

During this bit, she tried to cut Morissette’s hair with scissors. "Are you gonna let me cut it? Can I cut a tiny bit or do you wanna cut mine?" DeGeneres said before Morissette agreed and said, "Just cut, like, straight across."

DeGeneres is next seen talking to Hunt and explaining how she plans to make this talk show, a game show as well because she'd love that.

"This is – I don’t know what it is really," DeGeneres said to Hunt. "It’s a talk show, but the more I have had people over, it’s sort of turned into a game show because I’m enjoying doing that."

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" was first dropped in 2003 and the ongoing 19th season will mark the final season of the show.

Ellen DeGeneres

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