Cyberhound introduces Circle with Disney to Australian homes

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A boy uses a laptop as he does his homework at his home in Ronda, southern Spain
A boy uses a laptop as he does his homework at his home in Ronda, southern Spain. Reuters/Jon Nazca

A new cybersafety tool is set to change how families use the internet and keep kids safe. Cyberhound has introduced Circle with Disney, which is expected to be a “must have” purchase for every household.

Too much screen time among kids can be prevented through Circle with Disney, which is available in Australia for the first time. It helps parents manage the screentime of smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. Parents can either set the device's bedtime mode or totally pause the internet.

Through the tool, parents will be able to stay informed about their kids’ online activities. They can filter content for all connected devices.

Circle with Disney pairs with home Wi-Fi. Every kid’s profile and settings can be customised depending on age and parental preferences.

The product was introduced to the local market after US-based Circle Media Labs approached Australian cybersafety specialist CyberHound. For CyberHound Chief Executive Officer John Fison, Circle with Disney is a game changer that allows families to manage online activities. He added that it is a premium offering that fills a gap in the market for quality home-based cybersafety.

Fison said they will introduce Circle with Disney to school communities looking for a quality home-based cybersafety solution. He expressed delight about being associated with the parental solution to help children use the internet responsibly and safely.

“Parents should have access to the world’s best technology, and just as we help schools manage cybersafety risks for students, Circle with Disney provides this peace of mind at home,” Fison added.

Circle Media Labs Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Lance Charlish looks forward to working alongside CyberHound to protect young Australians and help them become responsible digital citizens.

“As technology becomes more intertwined with our lives, the key is to get the most out of it, without having it completely take over,” Charlish said, adding that they want to make it as easy as possible to help Australian families find a nice balance in their lives.

Circle with Disney is initially priced at $99 and is exclusively available at

The American Academy of Pediatrics has previously recommended that kids younger than 18 months must only participate in video chats and that kids between 18 and 24 months must watch only high-quality programming with the presence of a parent. The organisation suggests “consistent limits on the time spent using media” for older kids.