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Apple Inc (AAPL) First Quarter Performance a Disaster? Analyst Warns of Stock Crashing

Apple Inc is on its way to a 'disastrous' first quarter for Fiscal Year 2014 as analyst Brian Blair of Wedge Partners delivers the bad news about the company's Q1 performance. According to Mr Blair, Apple may be having a bad first quarter. He warned investors that Apple's stock could crash after the company releases its first quarter earnings.
iOS 7.1

New iOS 7.1 Major Update Promptly Pushes Apple Users to 12% Adoption Rate

A few days ago, just several days after a minor 7.0.6 iOS update, Apple released a major update for their latest mobile platform – iOS 7.1. The update quickly spread throughout the users of Apple mobile devices in North America, with 12 percent adoption rate in two days, according to a study by Chitika.

The Patent War: Apple vs. Samsung - Samsung can take a breather

Apple was looking to capitalize a permanent ban on Samsung products due to the patent infringements. According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, ruled that Apple had not presented enough evidence to show that its patented features were a significant enough driver of consumer demand to warrant an injunction.