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Starbucks has made the world for coffee drinkers a better place with its new mobile ordering app. With this new app, customers can easily preorder their favorite morning drinks on the go and will only have to pick them up in the Starbucks branch that they usually go to without having to wait on long lines, according to Tech Times.

The Starbucks mobile ordering app also allows the customers to pay for their coffee purchases from their smartphones. These features might have actually been made available to iOS users in Portland since December last year, but it is only now that the app has finally been announced to a much bigger market.

As an expansion of its service, Starbucks announced on Tuesday that its mobile ordering service can now be accessed in 25 more states that encompass 3,400 more shop locations. Now, usual Starbucks clients in Florida, Idaho, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Georgia, Arizona, Alaska, Oregon, South Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Washington, Virginia, and Utah can also enjoy their coffees without having to fall in line for a long time.

According to USA Today, the Starbucks app has 16 million active users. The report also mentioned that the mobile service gets to process around 8 million mobile payments for each passing week. It would certainly appear that many have opted to take advantage of the convenience offered by the new Starbucks mobile ordering app.

Customers only have to click the “order” button in order to select the drinks that they want to order. Plus, the app even has an option for users to have their coffee orders customized, depending on the particular type of drink that they are craving for.

According to the report, Starbucks has plans of expanding this mobile ordering service to Android technology. For now, though, it would appear that iOS users have full rein on this mobile coffee ordering style.

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