Brock Lesnar Vows To Leave Painful Mark On Roman Reigns

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Brock Lesnar
Is Brock Lesnar still returning to the UFC after his win at Wrestlemania 34? In this picture, Lesnar poses on the scale during his weigh-in for UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, July 8, 2016.

has been known to bring the pain, and it appears "The Beast Incarnate” plans to do just that on the next episode of WWE SmackDown.

Lesnar lost to Roman Reigns in a controversial way where former handler Paul Heyman made a questionable move. This was about him throwing the WWE Universal Title to "The Tribal Chief" and saying: “You know what to do.”

The plan almost backfired on Reigns. It took the intervention of The Usos to help their leader to retain the Universal Championship at WWE Crown Jewel on Thursday, October 21.

As most expected, it was a punishing match for both Lesnar and Reigns. The match ended when "The Big Dog" was able to clock Lesnar with the belt and then cover him for the win.

However, the WWE Crown Jewel result is unlikely to end the Reigns vs. Lesnar storyline. This early, mayhem is expected at the next episode of WWE SmackDown with the “The Beast” already providing hints that he will be there to bring some pain.

“The moment I arrive at SmackDown, I will beat Roman Reigns senseless,” Lesnar said via

Lesnar is reportedly expected to sit out anew and won’t see action until the WWE Royal Rumble 2022 in January.

But before doing so, it appears that he wants to leave a mark, something that may put Reigns in a compromising position.

Aside from Reigns, Heyman and The Usos are also placed on notice. Lesnar is expected to try and get even.

With Lesnar reportedly sitting out, there could be a new player entering the fray. Drew McIntyre made it clear that he wants to be WWE Champion once more.

Since he was drafted to the blue brand, "The Scottish Psychopath" is likely to aim for Reigns’ Universal Title.

McIntyre was also in action at WWE Crown Jewels 2021 but lost to champion Big E. The latter used his patented Big Ending to finish off the former WWE Champion.

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