Boxing News: Bob Arum Open To Pacquiao - Mayweather Rematch, Terrance Crawford Instead Of Maidana As Second Option

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Top Rank CEO Bob Arum is open to the possibility of a rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus

Top Rank CEO and Manny Pacquiao handler Bob Arum is open to the possibility of having his top dog face Floyd Mayweather for the second time, after the superbout dubbed as "Fight of the Century" ended controversially. 

"I’m not lobbying for anything," Arum said, when asked if he is persistent in pushing for a rematch, on ESNews.  

"With the money that was made in the last fight, a rematch would not do as well but it would do tremendous. Bigger than the other fight."

"I think if the Mayweather people want the rematch, we would be willing to do it." 

However, he revealed that he is nowhere near desperate to booking a part-two, indicating that there is already a decent alternative in place.

"I don’t know [about the possibility of Pacquiao facing Marcos Maidana]…I would rather have him fight Terrance Crawford," he continued. 

To say that the boxing world was dismayed after witnessing the much-anticipated event is an understatement. The Philippine pride was not his usual self, as he did not punch the lights out of Mayweather as expected, and was later revealed that he was nursing a shoulder injury coming into the match. On the other hand, "Money" exaggerated his moniker "defensive specialist" that he virtually ran during the entirety of the fight, leaving fans scratching their heads as they were expecting to witness action.

"Floyd Mayweather is a great fighter, great defensive fighter, great specialist, but I can’t compare him, honestly, to (Sugar) Ray Leonard," he added.

When asked if the undefeated American's status as a boxer rose after defeating Pacquiao, Arum responded in the negative.

"I do not think so, because it was not a decisive defeat," he asserted.

"And Pacquiao was injured after the fourth round."

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