'Black Clover' Chapter 308 Leaks Hint At A Yuno-Centric Installment [Spoilers]

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Black Clover
Black Clover

The threat of Zenon Zogratis remains as Finral, Langris and Yuno are cornered by the enemy. The latest leaks, spoilers and raw scans of "" Chapter 308 are out and it appears the chapter will open with these three characters taking on Zenon.

Twitter user Nitebaron has shared a brief summary of "" Chapter 308. It begins with Yuno announcing he will save Captain Yami Sukehiro and everyone. He vows to become the Wizard King.

Yuno then declares he will defeat Zenon. At the same time, Finral and Langris come together to fight against Zenon as well. However, Zenon, in his new evil form, is incredibly powerful and likely to overpower his opponents.

In "" Chapter 308, Yuno suddenly starts remembering certain events from the past. He recalls how he lost half of his squad members. He is upset but remembers his allies and Asta.

As soon as he reminisces the cheerful and vibrant face of Asta, he gains the strength to rise again and fight the threat.

Yuno gets the Spade grimoire and reminds himself he will protect everyone.

In Chapter 307 of "," Zenon was standing in front of Beelzebub. Zenon asked the devil's heart and Beelzebub laughed and asked him what he would get in return.

Zenon was ready to offer his body and his soul to the devil. Beelzebub agreed and gave him his heart that transformed Zenon's body.

Moreover, the transformation healed the wound in his chest. Yuno and Langris were shocked to witness Zenon in his new form.

They noted Zenon was getting closer to the devil in appearance. Zenon was excited and quickly showed off his new power by trapping Yuno in a cube.

Yuno used his Spirit of Boreas but failed to make an impact. Zenon used his bone magic to knock out Yuno.

Meanwhile, Langris stood up and unleashed his Mana Zone. Zenon countered it with whips. Before the whips could harm Langris, Finral appeared and saved him.

"" Chapter 308 is releasing Sunday. Fans can read the digital version of the new chapter on Manga Plus and Viz. The print version will hit the stands Monday.

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