Best jobs in Australia in 2017

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Jobs site Indeed has released an analysis of its search data for Australia, revealing the top local jobs. Technology, healthcare, building and construction sectors dominate the list, which was curated from growth opportunity statistics, salary and job postings.

It was declared that the top best job in Australia is marketing managing. “While many roles are under threat of automation, creative professions such as marketing are not yet one of them,” managing director for Indeed Australia and New Zealand Chris McDonald told Business Insider.

McDonald has cited digital marketing which experiences solid growth and employer demand. These are likely to continue particularly in market areas where it remains underdeveloped.

Indeed’s list of best jobs in Australia was split evenly between specialised jobs that require a university degree and jobs that need various training and education. Four jobs in the top ten list are healthcare roles. These include x-ray technician, general practitioner and medical officer among others.

Four building and construction roles are also included in the list, which reflects the country’s love of property. These roles include site manager, builder, finisher and estimator. One tech role was listed: the front end developer.

According to McDonald, workforce is no longer solely looking for benefits package and good salary. He said people are also looking for opportunities for career growth, job satisfaction, culture fit and positive work environment.

Jobs Accelerator Grant

Meanwhile, IN Daily is reporting the State Government has shifted focus of the budget to jobs front with an extension of a handout program to urge small-to-medium-sized businesses to employ more people. Businesses with payrolls between $600,000 and $5 million are expected to get $15,000 for every apprentice above current staffing levels. The government hopes the new funding, which offers an additional $5000 grant, will encourage employment prospects for residents in South Australia.

The jobless rate in South Australia remains to be the highest in the nation, although it eased to 6.9 percent from 7.3 percent in the most recent figures. It is likely that the new apprentice/trainee category in the Jobs Accelerator Grant will cost $8.1 million over three years.

In order to receive funding under the grant, businesses need to retain the new staff member for at least one year and for at least two years to receive the full sum. Premier Jay Weatherill said in a statement they wanted to do everything they could to create opportunities and new jobs.

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