Australia's first flagship Microsoft Store opens in Sydney

It will encourage visitors to handle and test Microsoft products
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Microsoft Store in Sydney
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Microsoft opened its first flagship store outside the United States in Sydney today, reports The store is located in Sydney’s expensive commercial business district, which is a high traffic location visited by tens of thousands of people daily.

Unlike conventional displays you find in any PC store, Sydney’s Microsoft Store will encourage visitors to handle and test Microsoft products that will be untethered. This means they can freely try any product like the Microsoft Band 2 smart watch, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Lumia phones before they decide to buy.

The store will be more than just a tech hub where people just buy and flee. It will have an ‘Answer Desk’ that will act as a one-stop shop to sort out queries from customers related to Microsoft products or services, reports

Travis Walter, Microsoft’s head of international retails stores, points out that no customer will be turned away without having their problems solved. This means the store staff will take care of tech problems like hardware replacement, doing repairs or updating systems free of cost.

Microsoft head of worldwide marketing Kelly Soligon said the new concept of the Microsoft store in Sydney promotes the idea of follow-up services. Apart from Microsoft-made products, the store will also sell hardware and laptops from partners like Lenovo and Dell. Walter further pointed out that devices with the latest Windows 10 Signature edition will also be sold.

Microsoft Store is located in a two-storey store built on a sprawling 500 square metre area. It hosts a gigantic Surface Hub with an array of wall-mounted tablets for customers to see and experience. Furthermore, the Hub also features big screens where Minecraft can be played for extra fun.

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