Sam Frost has seen the good, bad and the ugly of dating on reality television. Despite the not-so memorable experience of “The Bachelor Australia” Season 2, Frost is once again hoping to find love on a reality show as the first Australian Bachelorette. The signs are reportedly looking encouraging for her on “The Bachelorette Australia.”

Stephen Tate, executive producer of “The Bachelor Australia” and “The Bachelorette Australia,” told that he is close to what is happening, adding that “it’s all looking very encouraging.” The first season of Australian Bachelorette is currently in the final stages of filming. The list of the bachelors who will woo Frost has not been revealed.

Frost received a marriage proposal from Blake Garvey in “The Bachelor Au” Season 2. The two got engaged in the final episode, but in less than 24 hours after the episode aired, it was revealed that Garvey had pulled the plug on the engagement. Garvey soon revealed that he was in love with Louise Pillidge, the second runner-up on the show. The two are now an item and are living together in Perth.

The first Australian Bachelorette believes that her right man is around the corner. Speaking about what she is expecting from her man, Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying, “I want to find a man who will love me for everything I am, and everything I'm not, and someone who is genuine, down to earth and has great values.”

Meanwhile, Tasmanian-born personal trainer Sam Wood is the bachelor of the upcoming “The Bachelor Au” Season 3. The 34-year-old bachelor is looking for what everyone wants, “real love.” Tate told, Wood is happy with the choices that they have offered in the third season of Australian Bachelor.

The premiere dates of “The Bachelor Au” Season 3 and “The Bachelorette Au” Season 1 have not yet been announced. Ten, however, has started releasing clips from the new season of “The Bachelor Au.” It is promoting Season 3 as "Australia's next big love story." One of the contestants name is Heather and the first night of the first episode is expected to see her stealing the show.

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