Ashley Dyball, the Australian man from Brisbane fighting against the Islamic State, posted on a social networking site that he has been charged with terrorism in Germany and will be deported to Australia in two days. The 23-year-old left home earlier this year to join a Kurdish militia to fight against the ISIS in Iraq.

He posted on Facebook on Friday that he is being sent to Eisenhüttenstadt Detention Centre and will be on a flight back to Australia in a couple of days.

"If anyone has a good German lawyer help a brother out been charged as a terrorist," he posted on Facebook under another name Mitchell Scott.

Dyball had joined a Kurdish YPG militia called Lions of Rojava in May after he left his family saying he was going for a vacation. In the only interview that he gave to “60 Minutes” program, he said that he didn’t fight on the front line and that his job was to disarm explosives only. After his family learnt where he ended up in, they begged him to return, but he refused. He was fighting with the group in northern Syria and was intercepted when he was apparently travelling through Europe during a break from the battlefield.

Australian foreign fighter laws incriminates anyone who joins a rebellion or a group in any other country against an established government. The laws have been framed to prevent Australians from joining ISIS and other terrorist organisations.

"The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to an Australian man detained in Germany. Due to privacy constraints, we will not comment further," a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs told AAP.

Under the foreign fighter laws, those who have been found to have joined armed fights in other countries face prosecution when they return to Australia. If found guilty, Dyball can face a jail term of up to 25 years.

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