Handguns, recently seized by police on the streets of Yemen's capital Sanaa
Handguns, recently seized by police on the streets of Yemen's capital Sanaa and roads leading to it, are seen stored at a security force base in Sanaa May 5, 2013. Reuters/Khaled Abdullah

19-year-old Sydney teen, Josh Taylor who was shot in the head during a game of Russian roulette has undergone surgery in Westmead hospital on Sunday. He is in a serious state and is supposedly battling death.

No one has been charged for the offence as Taylor shot himself while he was sitting in a commodore along with his friends outside the IGA supermarket in Pitt Town in Sydney’s northwest on Friday. The Nine network has reported that three mates who were in the car with the teenager told investigators he was playing Russian roulette.

Taylor’s mother used the social media tool to express her grief. She posted on Facebook: “Come on son ... please, please fight like you always have ... no words can explain how desperate we are for you to just hang on and fight.”

Detective inspector Garry Sims said he was aware that a Sydney teen was playing with a loaded gun during a game of Russian roulette and had received a severe gunshot injury in his head. While the gun is been examined forensically, Sims stated that there existed no proof that anyone else was playing the game along with Josh Taylor.

The detective inspector also apprised the media that this was the first time that he was probing a suspected case of Russian roulette. He said that in his 30 years in country and metropolitan policing, he had never investigated such a case.“You see these things on movies and things, but I’ve never experienced anyone who would consider playing Russian roulette with a loaded revolver,” he said. The Smith & Wesson firearm discharged in the side of Mr. Taylor’s head above his ear.

Meanwhile, the police have urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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