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A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai March 16, 2012. Reuters/Aly Song

Apple TV has received quite the attention following its announcement. With the product expected to function as a game console, Apple is positioning itself to be contender against companies like Nintendo, offering casual gaming on top of home entertainment.

Apple TV appears to be solving a range of problems for home entertainment and gaming fans. Instead of accessing different platforms or connecting different devices altogether, Apple TV can potentially minimise effort required to access everything. The company explained further why it wanted to offer a new product platform.

“There has been so much innovation in entertainment and programming through iOS apps, we want to bring that same excitement to the television,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “Apps make the TV experience even more compelling for viewers and we think apps represent the future of TV.”

Some do see the potential of the Apple TV. According to Ian Morris' Forbes post: "So, Apple TV’s newfound support for apps means that it will get Netflix and Amazon Instant Video support. No doubt I’ll be able to use it to watch BBC iPlayer shows too, along with the other TV networks over here in the UK."

"So, for me, Apple TV will be the solution I need. Finally, 1080p video from pretty much every source I might need," he added. Ian went as far as to call Apple TV the “most important device of the year.”

However, there are still doubts whether Apple can pull off its gaming venture -- possibly even ranking third in the console market. According to The Guardian, it is not clear whether Apple wants to dominate the console market completely. The company remains inconsistent on its stand, treating games as just another app. The games store follows a structure like the app store. Some apps are given more credit than others ranked under most-downloaded, top-selling, free games including "top grossing games." Whereas, the product does well as a smart media player, the 200 megabytes do little for gaming enthusiasts. Top tier consoles offer at least 25GB up to 128GB which is double the highest capacity of the Apple TV.

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