American Basketball Star Quits the Australian League Early

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American Basketball Star Quits the Australian League Early pixabay

LaMelo Ball has quit the Australian basketball league and returned to the US. The main problem that his teammates and his fans have is that he didn’t tell the club he was leaving. This shows a significant lack of respect and many people have come out to voice their frustration. LaMelo, who is 18 years of age, flew to the US after a short time in the NBL. He went home to try and prepare for the upcoming NBA draft. LaMelo is a great player and this is one of the many reasons why the Australian team were able to draw an international audience and break so many records at the same time. The point guard is said to finish amongst the top 3 when the NBA draft takes place in June.

Ending his Season Early and Boarding a Flight to the US

If you are a basketball fan then you can place sports bets on the upcoming games through a sports booking website. If you want to find out more about how LaMelo Bali could have an impact on the team he goes to next, then you should know that LaMelo Bali is certainly going to have bookies curious as he’s said to be a very high-impact player, but his recent antics have left a lot of players very unimpressed. The 18-year-old boarded a flight home because he experienced a foot injury which happened to end his season. Bali was expected to stay in the country of Australia until the Hawks played their very last game against the Kings. Club officials were left in the dark and this has caused major problems for the team.

Ball is Done for the Season

The Hawks’ had a game against the Bullets and this attracted over a million fans on Facebook. People in the US also tuned in, making it the most watched game in the NBL ever. Ball played on average 31 minutes in his games and he also has a 17 point score average. When you couple this with 7 assists you will soon see that he is an incredible player that has a lot to give.

His talent really wasn’t enough to inspire them on the court and the team have only managed to get 5 wins so far. They sit at the bottom of the ladder and this could be somewhat frustrating to the player. Ball is said to finish in the top 3 of the draft and he may even be able to join his brother, who is Lonzo Ball. He plays for the Pelicans right now.

Of course, some people are supportive of his behaviour because they feel as though he has devoted a lot to his team and that he deserves to be given a chance at playing in the NBA. The problem is that he should have told his teammates what he was planning, and he should have also told the coaching staff as well. Only time will tell what the future holds for both him and the Hawks.