ALDI, Kroger, Publix warn customers of fake discount coupons

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A woman looks at underwear in a store with discount signs during the second day of summer sales in Brussels July 2, 2014.
A woman looks at underwear in a store with discount signs during the second day of summer sales in Brussels, July 2, 2014. Reuters/Eric Vidal

ALDI, a low-cost grocery store¸ addressed issues about coupons scams that inflict computers and mobile devices with viruses, maintaining that the company does not offer electronic coupons or gift cards. It said it is sorry for the inconvenience and urged its customers on Facebook to spread the message. Kroger and Publix did the same.

A spokesperson for the store provided a statement from Aaron Sumida, Tully division Vice President, to NewsChannel 9. “These offers weren't authorised or distributed by ALDI and will not be honoured at ALDI locations. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this situation may cause our customers,” the statement reads.

Last week, ALDI posted an announcement on its Facebook page to let the public know that it does not distribute electronic coupons or gift cards, and will not be honoured at their stores. “There's a fake ALDI coupon making its way around the internet...again,” the Facebook post warned. The post was shared over 9,000 times and got 570 comments on Monday.

Social media user Melissa Sheriff was among those came across a post that claimed to offer a discount coupon at ALDI stores."Next thing I know everyone is sharing it," she said. Sheriff added that people are sharing it on each other’s Facebook timelines, tagging it and messaging the coupon offer.

She said some Facebook users do not understand that these coupons are not real. The coupons scam can actually result to nothing but virus on computers and smartphones. Sheriff said it is upsetting to be a victim of this type of scam when people only hope to save a little money.

Aside from ALDI, there are several other businesses being targeted by the coupons scam. These include Kroger and Publix grocery stores, which both have been victims of coupons claiming to offer discounts on purchases.

Kroger had also taken to social media to alert its customers about fake coupon offers. "It's not real! We don't recommend engaging with the site(s) that offer links to the coupon, or providing them with any personal information,” the company’s Facebook post reads.

Publix’ Twitter account posted a photo of the fake coupon, which it described as fraudulent and is not being accepted at their stores. It assured its customers that they are investigating the situations and clarified that they do not support coupon offers. The store advised the public to not participate in the so-called promotion and refuse to provide any personal information. Per, those who have clicked on the fraudulent link may consider changing their passwords.

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