8 Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked For National Nude Day 2021

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Sleeping to one side can reduce snoring

National Nude Day, which falls on Wednesday, aims to celebrate the beauty of the human body and the benefits that come with going "au naturel."

Nudists continue to advocate for a lifestyle of social nudity and believe that the human body is most beautiful in its natural state. But while some may have no trouble stripping down to their birthday suits, many others are hesitant to show certain parts of their bodies.

For those who are open to showing their bodies but lie on the more conservative end of the spectrum, sleeping naked may be the best way to take part in the practice.

Here are some surprising health benefits people can get from sleeping without clothes on, courtesy of Healthline and WebMD.

Boosts self-esteem

Spending time naked allows people to get in touch with their bodies and boosts their self-esteem. One study found that spending time naked can significantly increase people's sense of overall body image.

Gets rid of toxins

Deep sleep is essential in helping the brain rid itself of toxic proteins. A buildup of these toxins can increase one's risk of getting Alzheimer's disease, which is why good sleep is crucial.

Increases male fertility

Sleeping naked can help with men's sperm count. In a study of 656 males, men who wore tight-fitting underwear had lower sperm count, while those who regularly wore boxers had higher sperm concentration.

Sleeping without clothes on will allow the testicles to keep cool at an optimal temperature for greater sperm health.

Prevents weight gain

Keeping the body cold at night helps boost its calorie-burning abilities. Since sleeping naked contributes to better sleep quality, it also allows the body to shed more pounds when resting. One study found that inadequate sleep is linked to weight gain, and individuals who slept five hours or less every night are more likely to gain weight.

Contributes to better sleep quality

Having good sleep is the key to many other health benefits, and the temperature of the room where one sleeps is of great importance in achieving this. According to Healthline, the ideal temperature of the bedroom is between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius.

Lets you fall asleep faster

Sleeping naked can help people fall asleep faster because it helps cool their body's temperature. Cooling down signals the body that it's time to sleep, improving its overall circadian rhythm or biological clock.

Improves your relationship

In addition to increasing fertility in men, sleeping naked with one's partner is a great way to improve their connection with each other. In one study, researchers found that skin-to-skin contact between adults releases oxytocin, a hormone associated with social bonding, reproduction and overall attachment between partners.

It keeps your skin healthy

Since sleeping without clothes on can improve the quality of sleep, it leads to better skin. Having poor sleep is known to limit the skin's ability to heal from a small wound, so having an ample amount of it should be a priority to keep the body's skin looking plump and fresh.

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