5 Brave World Leaders Who Are Standing Up To ISIS

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King Abdullah II
Jordan's King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein Reuters/ Ray Stubblebine

ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a rebel group that took control of certain regions in the two countries, causing worldwide uproar because of their brutal acts of terrorism. The group has been the focus of the media in the past few years because of its war crimes and abusive acts that violate human rights. Five world leaders, in particular, have shown bravery despite the fear that ISIS caused to surrounding countries.

1. King Abdullah II

The King of Jordan is actively participating in military operations to subjugate and remove the ISIS from their de facto position in Syria. After a Jordanian pilot was brutally murdered by the jihadist group, Jordan immediately executed two of its ISIS hostages and performed air bombing operations over the ISIS-held territories in retaliation.

King Abdullah II said in a CBS News report, "This is a war inside of Islam. So we have to own up to it. We have to take the lead. And we have to start fighting back. And all of us have to make that decision and stand up to the plate and take our responsibilities."

2. Haider al-Abadi

The Prime Minister of Iraw is also very active in fighting ISIS. New York Times reported that he recently appealed for help and support from the United States and surrounding nations to train his military troops and reconstruct cities and towns that Iraq aims to remove from the control of the rebel group.

3. Barack Obama

The United States President made it official that he wanted to aid Iraq and Syria to regain control over the ISIS-held regions. New Yorker reported that Obama is asking for approval from the United States Congress to wage war against the Islamic State.

4. Francois Hollande

The President of France said in a Guardian report that western and Arab nations should clearly, loyally and strongly engage at the side of Iraqi authorities and that they should not waste time dealing with the growing threat from ISIS. He said that the combat against terrorism also involves the French nation.

5. David Cameron

The British Prime Minister shared that the United Kingdom has urged citizens to "not be frozen with fear that we don't do anything at all." He said that by being silent and withdrawing from the problem will only make matters worse. "We should be uncompromising, using all the means at our disposal -- including the military -- to hunt down these extremists," he said. 

Over 30 global leaders have pledged that they will use whatever means necessary to completely eliminate the global threat of ISIS.


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