'Wonder Woman' plot might tie up with 'Justice League,' photo reveals

"Justice League" hits the big screens in November 2017
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"Justice League" promo art by DC Comics Twitter.com/DCComics

The DC Movie Universe has released four films to date, but it looks like fans and critics are puzzled and pleased at the same time. Observers say there are still issues that have been extensively plaguing the franchise.

There have been bad ratings for the first few movies released, but it all turned around when Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” came out. The movie was so good, fans are pretty worried that the upcoming “Justice League” might go back to a disastrous form. Nobody knows how this upcoming movie will be, but fans should be excited as there is a rumor that this upcoming project has an intimate connection with “Wonder Woman.”

The DC Cinematic Universe looked like it was off to a new start when “Man of Steel” first came out. Unfortunately, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” were both critical flops. This has fans worried about how “Justice League” will fare when it comes out since all its past trailers have been showing the same issue.

Elite Daily says there have been reshoots of Supermen without moustaches, and Joss Whedon’s light and humorous approach has been superimposed on top of Zack Znyder’s dark flavours. Everyone can agree that the unique approach of “Wonder Woman” really did work. Everyone who saw the movie wanted to see more of this Amazon and the women of Themiscyra.

Fortunately, it looks like fans will get to see more of “Wonder Woman” universe when “Justice League” comes out. Recently, Madeleine Vall Beijner, a Swedish kickboxer and MMA fighter who played an Amazon in the movie, posted on her Instagram account a picture of her posing with fellow Amazons.

“In less than three weeks, I will be reunited with these badass Amazon warriors again! Also, in Themiscyra at the same location where we were shooting the movie” said Beijner on the said post. Whether or not viewers will see Batman go as far as Wonder Woman’s home island to seek help remains to be seen when “Justice League” comes out this November.