Why Promo Codes are the future of online gambling

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The rise of online betting companies has left punters with more questions than answers. Since most of the market offers similar odds, a player is swarmed with a sea of choices but without the requisite knowledge to identify the right bookie or casino. That’s where “Promotional Bonus Codes” come in.

Besides assembling the newest promotional bonus codes of top bookmakers and casinos, like Titan Casino, Winner Sports, Betsafe and others, “Promotional Bonus Codes” review each of the bookies on its portal on a monthly basis, giving the gamblers an in-depth analysis before making a choice.

Though players are not obligated to stay with one bookie, it pays to have at least one favourite that they can frequent in due course. This leads to bookies trying to wow players with a very attractive package of “welcome bonus” as an incentive. And where there’s a welcome bonus, there’s a promotional code.

When a player registers a new account, he/she can utilise these promotional – or promo – codes to qualify for a good chunk of “welcome bonus” from the bookie. Upon receiving the promo code from “Promotional Bonus Codes,” the gamer is required to enter it in the specified box while registering a new account. Since the content of the “bonus” is available to the player beforehand, he can make an informed choice and reap the rewards of the code before registering an account and playing a game. The player is entitled to multiple codes of top bookers/casinos such as Bet365, Betsafe, Party Casino, Ladbrokes, Matchbook, SportingBet and QuasarGaming, among others.

How to use a promo code

Promo codes are accepted by bookies in exchange for welcome bonus. The player will simply need to use the code while registering a new account and get a solid head start on a game. Some of the welcome bonuses include “deposit bonus,” “risk-free bet” and additional free bets. Since “Promotional Bonus Codes” enlists all the up-to-date bonus codes, players are not forced to make a hasty choice.

Different online casinos have different sign up procedures, but a punter shouldn’t stutter when it comes to finding the “register” or “sign up” icon. Upon clicking on the icon, the player is asked to fill pertinent details and answer some security questions to register a safe and secure account. The online casino prompts the customer for a promotional code towards the end of the registration form. The user can simply enter the code and get rewarded with whatever welcome bonus is on offer.

The gamer can follow the same procedure to register on various casinos while purchasing the bonus codes.

What rewards are in store?

It boils down to the bookie/online casino in question. Some of them offer punters a deposit match gift based on the amount of funds tied to a particular customer. The gambler that makes a sizeable first deposit into the customer account funds shall reap better gifts from the bookies. There is usually an upper limit (and a lower limit, occasionally). Some of the deposit match gifts include deposit bonus, deposit match and discount on first deposit.

To better understand the importance of a sizeable first deposit, here’s a practical example: “If a punter makes an initial deposit of £30 (AU$48), the bookie will then proceed to match the deposit which gives the customer an additional £30.” In certain cases, the reward isn’t deposited directly into the player’s bank account but rather offered bonus money that can be used in the form of free bets. Again, this all depends on various bookies, but in this instance, a player stands to make three £10 (AU$16) bets.

Some players are worried about restrictions with regards to withdrawal of money. These are just standard industry practices. The bookies are entitled to place a restriction on the process needed to withdraw the money to prevent customers from cashing in the bonus and bolting from the website. Since a new registration brings them bonus rewards, some players sign up for a new account just for the rewards. To eradicate the malpractice, the bookies ask players to place a few qualifying bets before withdrawing the bonus money. This is only way to keep the player in check. However, the players can trust in Promotional Bonus Codes and roam free around the betting casinos.

Why do you need a customer account?

It’s not possible to enter online casinos without a registered customer account. The account helps establish a safe and secure link between the bookie and the punter. Unlike a traditional high street bookie that allows a punter to make a selection and place a bet without providing too much information, an online player has no option but to divulge necessary details before entering games.

As mentioned before, players are not obligated to stick with the same bookie. All they need to do is provide details, remember to enter the promo code when prompted and reap the welcome bonus. Some players are fearful of providing personal details to an online casino, but there’s really no other way around it. A few personal details in exchange for attractive offers are not a bad deal, after all.

The incentives don’t end with promo codes

Remember, the initial bonus reward is just the start of a fruitful relationship between a customer and a bookie. The online casino realises that a customer isn’t confined to just one website. Therefore, it raises the stakes by offering promotions and bonuses to existing customers besides the “welcome bonus” that they have already received. This is a bookie’s way of keeping the punter interested at all times.

Also, attractive odds and an extensive range of sports betting markets serve as an important factor for a customer to remain with a bookie. Many of the websites offer similar odds, but a customer can benefit from sticking with a bookie – mainly to reap additional rewards down the road.

In conclusion, even though the promo codes that the bookies use don’t always amount to a truckload of money – or even loads of bets – they are a good way of getting something for nothing when a punter registers a new account. Since a customer is obligated to register an account to enter a game, he could very well get some extra funds in his account purely by signing up. It’s a no brainer, really.

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