WhatsApp Voice Calling And Video Calling For Windows Phone: Find Out When Will These Features Arrive

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WhatsApp voice calling is the feature that users of the highly popular messaging app on Windows Phone are waiting to see soon. The popularity of the app has increased even more after the arrival of free voice calling feature for Android users. Rumours have it that the feature is on the verge of arriving soon for Windows Phone users.

According to the International Business Times report dated April 7, the WhatsApp voice calling feature has been officially confirmed. The Press And Update reports that the calling feature for Windows Phone users will be rolled out soon after it is made available for iOS users as revealed by the co-founder of WhatsApp.

When the feature had on the Android platform, it was started on invitation basis meaning the voice calling could be used only when a user that already has that feature can activate WhatsApp voice calling on other Android devices by making a call through the app. However, the update is expected to be made available in a single phase for Windows Phone users, reports The Fuse Joplin.

As of this writing, there is no official confirmation on the arrival date of the said feature for Windows Phone users. However, another post published on The Fuse Joplin claims that the feature would arrive on the new version of the app that will be available in the coming month.

Rumours are rife that soon after launching the voice calling feature, WhatApp video calling will follow soon. The major competitors of WhatsApp such as Viber and Skype are already offering it for free. It can only arrive to Windows Phone users after launching voice calling feature, adds Press And Update.

It further says that like its competitors, WhatsApp video calling will also be a free service to its users. However, it will work efficiently without encountering any issues by using a very stable and better data plan. Ideally, users can make use of Wi-Fi internet connection to avoid high data costs.

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