WA father sentenced to 22 years for raping and pimping out own daughter

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The handcuffs of inmates are seen during a play at a public theatre in Lima, June 20, 2012. Reuters/Enrique Castro-Mendivil

A West Australian father has been sentenced to 22 years of prison for raping and pimping out his underage daughter. The 42-year-old allowed six other men to treat the girl, aged between 11 and 13, as a “sexual object.”

The father pleaded guilty to 61 offences committed between 2013 and 2015. These include sexual penetration of a child, indecent dealing and recording of a child, procuring another to abuse a child, drugging his own daughter and compelling her to provide a sexual service, according to news.com.au.

He was originally facing more than 200 charges, but most of them were either combined into one or dropped. The West Australian district court heard that the man not only repeatedly raped his own daughter, but also pimped her out to strangers he met through websites like Craigslist.

The father placed online ads, stating that he was a lonely single father who is looking for friendship or modelling opportunities for his child.

The girl was given stupefying drug and had been raped by six other men while her dad recorded her naked and in bondage. There was an incident when the girl was forced to wear a mask, gag and dog collar with “b----“ written on it, according to the Guardian. The girl had to struggle with her restraints, pleading with her father to make it stop. She was also forced to shower with another man before her abuse continued.

When the police talked to him in 2015, he told them that he regretted what happened. “I really wanted to get out of this scene,” he said. “I’m going to be honest, it was fun while it lasted but it went way over the line.”

Prosecutor Justin Whalley said the girl was subjected to “degradation of the highest order.” She lived with her father after her parents separated.

Judge Philip Eaton said the father’s crimes would have lasting and probably irreparably consequences for the girl, who is now 14. She was said to have maintained an attitude of loyalty to her father despite what he forced her to endure. She protested from time to time, but she conceded to please her father.

He noted that the father expressed “remorse, regret and utter shame” for what he had done in a letter.

Christian church pastor Dawid Volmer was jailed to 10 and a half years in November 2015 for his part in what was described as a paedophile ring. Photographer Benjamin Simon Clarke was also sentenced to three years earlier this month. Four other men are also facing charges.

The father’s earliest release date will be in December 2036.