Two More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assaults, One Bearing 'Evidence'

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American Actor Bill Cosby
IN PHOTO: A new lawsuit has been filed against Bill Cosby. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual abuse are continuously coming out.  Two more have come out to say they have been violated by the legendary comedian.

Page Six reports that two more women, Sunni Welles and Margie Shapiro have emerged to say they have been victimized by Cosby back in their teens, where they were drugged and then sexually assaulted. As of now, already three dozen women have accused the comedian for the same acts. Welles and Shapiro read their statements alongside celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred.

According to Welles, she was just 17-years old and aspiring to be a singer when she encountered Cosby. She said the encounter with Cosby took place back in the mid-1960s in Hollywood after she went to a jazz club. Welles said that she “buried” the incident in her memories until she saw so many “brave women” coming forward.

Shapiro on the other hand, said she was sexually assaulted by the comedian while she was just 19. She was working at a donut shop then in Santa Monica, California on Nov. 1975 when she got to know Cosby. She said Cosby took her to his place and there, the comedian gave her a box of matches with his name on it. She took it as a souvenir. Cosby then drove her to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, wherein she took a pill after losing a bet with the comedian. She woke up to being sexually violated by Cosby. Shapiro even presented the matchbox as an evidence.  The matches showed that Shapiro had scrawled “November 18, 1975” and ‘from my evening at Bill Cosby’s house” in pen inside.

Even though many women have already come out to accuse the comedian of sexual assaults, including Janice Dickinson, who said Cosby should "rot," the actor has never been charged for any of these. A civil case filed against him alleging sexual misconduct has been settled. The actor is also continuously staging concert shows, even if some of these have been picketed by many. According to Allred, the actor seems to be treating all these serious accusations against him by so many women as a joke.  The attorney cited him promoting his West Virginia show wearing red silk pajamas in a 10-second video as not funny, but offensive.  “Given so many allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted women and that they awakened naked in his bed, his decision to appear in his pajamas is extremely offensive,” Allred said.

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