'Supergirl' season 2 spoilers: Major winter finale takeaways before the show returns in January 2017

Currently on break, "Supergirl" returns January 16, 2017 on The CW
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"Supergirl" kicked off The CW crossover with its "Medusa" episode. Facebook/Supergirl on the CW

When “Supergirl” aired its mid-season finale, titled “Medusa,” this week, it also aired what was the first part of the four-night Invasion crossover. However, as fans have expected, the episode barely devoted any exposure to setting up Kara’s team-up with the other superheroes, but it gave a conclusion to the first half of the second season.

It is also noteworthy that cast and crew interviews have made it pretty clear that the four night crossover that has been heavily advertised is just really three nights with not so much connection with “Supergirl” itself. Some reviews say that some fans might have felt misled by the advertisements since “Medusa” dealt more with other matters rather than have viewers see those superheroes interact with one another.

As for the rest of the episode, it was more concerned on putting a conclusion to the ongoing conflicts of the story to give viewers a brief peace of mind as the show goes on break for the holidays. After Kara and Mon-El had their romance growing, Cadmus released an anti-alien virus on National City and Kara and Lena Luthor faced uncomfortable revelations about their parents, viewers can surely agree that it had been a tough week for the characters on the show. There were also minor issues that are pretty interesting, like James and Winn dealing with their Guardian project.

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IGN reports that the midseason finale was definitely satisfying when it came to offering action, as it featured exciting and tense brawls between Kara and Hank Henshaw. The “Cyborg Superman” label still remains fishy since Hank is definitely no Superman, but Hank remains to be a great villain regardless of what he labels himself. He might be intimidating, yet he is easy to understand. With this, it is interesting to anticipate what happens to this character when the show returns on screens this January.

It is reported that once the winter hiatus is done, “Supergirl” will return on screen and will unveil a generous portion of Mon-El’s story. As what had been seen on the final part of Episode 8, Mon-EL was being hunted down. Reports also say that the debut of his character on Earth 38 will greatly affect Supergirl’s future.

“Supergirl” returns to The CW in January 16, 2017. The next episode will be titled “Supergirl Lives.”