Stormy Daniels' manager says she's 'free to discuss' alleged affair with Trump

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump speaks at election night rally in Manhattan, New York, US November 9, 2016. Reuters/Mike Segar

US First Lady Melania Trump seemed silent on Valentine's Day as celebrities and politicians celebrated with their other half. The lack of a Valentine's Day greeting from the FLOTUS to her husband, and vice versa, was observed amid reports that a star claiming to have had an affair with US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that she was prepared to reveal information about the alleged affair.

An actress who goes by the stage name Stormy Daniels is making headlines for her alleged 2006 extramarital affair with the POTUS. Her manager told The Associated Press on Wednesday that she believes Daniels is now “free to discuss” the said affair.

Gina Rodriguez, Daniels’ manager, said that the actress is set to tell her story. She said that Daniels believes the president’s lawyer invalidated a non-disclosure agreement when he publicly discussed a specific detail.

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen revealed that he paid the adult film star US$130,000 out of his own pocket prior to the 2016 presidential elections. Cohen appeared to have been forced to speak about the payoff when a campaign finance advocacy organisation urged the Federal Election Commission to conduct an investigation.

“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction,” and that “neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly,” he said in a statement. He said the exchange was “lawful” and “not a campaign contribution expenditure by anyone.” He also maintained that the payment does not mean there was an affair.

When asked about Trump since the hush money was revealed in January, Daniels opted to play coy. In 2011, though, Daniels dished about him in an interview with InTouch that surfaced publicly last month.

At that time she shared that Trump was in his “tighty whities” when he chased her around his hotel room before they had sex. If the alleged affair took place in 2006, it possibly means it was not long after Melania gave birth to her son with Trump, Barron.

Manhattan civil lawyer Raoul Felder said that Daniels could find herself in choppy legal waters if she does speak against Trump. “If Stormy believes Mr Cohen has violated the NDA agreement-an extremely questionable proposition in the first place- it certainly does not give her license to violate the agreement herself,” he said, according to Daily News.