Steam sale: Hellstorm Bundle from Fanatical contains 8 games worth US$1.99

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'The Dweller.' Villainous Games/Forever Entertainment SA

Fanatical’s new Hellstorm Bundle is all about the chaos and intensity, offering eight Steam games worth US$50 (AU$64) but now only cost US$1.99 (AU$2.56). The offer ends in approximately 28 days, so best acquire the deal while you can.

Below are three games included in the bundle. You’ll need a Steam account to access the keys once you’ve purchased them.

‘Not Dying Today’ – Original price: US$9.99 (AU$12.83)

The goal is exactly what the title says. Set in 2030, “Not Dying Today” has you blasting guns and defeating hordes of zombies. What sets this apart from other zombie games is that you yourself can also transform into the undead and use your special undead-exclusive powers to kill other zombies. Local coop mode allows up to 4 players to work together, so it might be a good idea to face the apocalypse with people you trust.

‘The Dweller’ – Original price: US$4.99 (AU$6.41)

Ever watched those movies where humans explore caves then gets killed off one by one? “The Dweller” almost has the same premise, except this time, you play as the monster that gets to kill the snoopy archaeologists trespassing on your natural habitat. The job’s not going to be easy, though. You are an ancient creature that depends on rocks in order to navigate. Along the way, you learn new skills (such as teleportation) that allow you to easily finish the levels, more than 50 of them.

‘Ghostdream’ – Original price: US$5.99 (AU$7.69)

The first thing you’ll notice about “Ghostdream” is the graphics. The overall look is surreal, dream-like. The game takes place in some sort of an afterlife, with your character aiming to return to the real world and pass a message to loved ones. With plenty of characters and more than 50 locations to visit, this one may be worth your time.

Below is the complete list of games in the Hellstorm Bundle. If you’re interested, head on over to Fanatical.

  • Wizrogue - Labyrinth of Wizardry
  • Not Dying Today
  • Startide
  • The Dweller
  • Seven Boys 2
  • Mastema: Out of Hell
  • Timberman
  • Ghostdream