Speed testing data reveals fastest Australian cities, telcos for broadband

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A customer uses an OPTUS internet facility at Sydney International Airport, Australia, November 8, 2015. Reuters/David Gray

Speed-testing data from the second and third quarters of 2017 finds that Optus is the best fixed-line internet service provider in Australia for download speeds overall. Wollongong leads the list of cities for the best fixed-line speeds.

Optus has sealed the number one spot overall as the "fastest" provider, according to the speed testing data from Ookla. The telco offers an average download speed of 24.12 Mbps and average upload of 8.48 Mbps.

Telstra is next on the list. It is the best for mobile data speeds overall.

During peak-hour times when network congestion is at its highest, Telstra is the best. It offers average download speeds of 21.96 Mbps and upload speeds of 7.70 Mbps.

Telstra averaged download speeds of 44.20 Mbps and upload speeds of 14.32 Mbps. TPG, iiNet, and iPrimus are also included in the list of fastest provider. Ookla operates speedtest.net, a speed-testing tool.

Best cities for broadband

Wollongong is number one when it comes to the best fixed-line speeds in the county overall. The speed-testing company gave it a "speed score" of 94.31 out of 100.

In Wollongong, average download speeds were 33.72 Mbps, with an average upload speed of 19.78 Mbps upload. Geelong also has a good Ookla speed score rating, with a speed score of 94.26. The Gold Coast and Newcastle follow.

Ookla ranked Australia 56th in the world for average download speeds overall (24.12 Mbps) for fixed-line broadband. Australia's mobile broadband is expected to get faster as all three top carriers are working to improve their networks. Telstra came out on top for speeds overall, followed by Vodafone and then Optus.

Telcos react

Optus said it was pleased that the Ookla report showed that it offered the fastest fixed broadband internet speeds overall, "particularly given the significant rise in streaming services.” A company spokesperson said, "We will continue to roll out 4.5G network technology to select capital cities which will result in customers' experiencing significant improvements in data speeds."

Telstra is also pleased about Ookla’s confirmation that the telco had the fastest mobile network. "We recently engaged Systemics to conduct an independent benchmarking survey of the three mobile networks, and after driving 41,000 kilometres around Australia making calls and using data they found Telstra was the leading national provider," a Telstra spokesperson said, according to Sydney Morning Herald. Meanwhile, a Vodafone spokeswoman said the report was encouraging.