‘The Sims 5’ could tread on a new path; EA could be analysing ‘The Sims 4’ mistakes

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The Sims 5
From all of us to all of you, thank you for an amazing 17 years! Here's to many more. The Sims/Facebook

EA has maintained an uncomfortable silence when it comes to revealing anything on “The Sims 5” gaming title despite the success of “The Sims 4.” Fans have seen numerous updates and expansions since the game launched to conquer PC and Mac. The core experience of the game has been improved upon. However, there is no news on the next instalment. That’s really strange.

Maxis Software underwent massive changes in 2015, and there were talks that the franchise may be helmed by another developer. But nothing happened, though fans still believe “The Sims 5” remains an inevitable entry into EA’s future library. Due to a lack of information and a dead silence surrounding the franchise, there have been incessant rumours, speculations and reports on what the game could be like when released. Some of them seem logical, while others a bit far-fetched.

Being the fifth core instalment would be no small task. The game will have to live up to the reputation of the franchise and build on two decades of creative innovation, writes TrustedReviews. Players will build their virtual avatar, their house and aim at finding a place in the weird simulated world. Players will have the whole open world at their hands. Countless possibilities will greet them with open arms. Players are secretly hoping to achieve such powers as soon as possible. Though seriously disappointed, they are still looking forward to E3 2017.

“The Sims” franchise has remained true to its core formula. It has only been refined by new features and technologies. Millions of players have been attracted towards the creating, nurturing and befriending of new Sims, which they find highly charming and a fun-filled affair. If EA feels that it is boring to build on the same formula, and has doubts whether the same formula will be effective once again, as always, it is surely a tough call. Perhaps that’s the reason the company is happy updating the current game only.

This leads to the obvious question – are EA and Maxis (or whoever) working on a completely different storyline for “The Sims 5?” That’s possible too. The game may have a new hub area, amazing customisation and building options and much more. However, EA has tried to be different in “The Sims 4” that has backfired. It removed certain classic features for no reason and fans took every opportunity to disclose their displeasure. Hence, EA is extra-cautious and holding back on the next instalment until it has finalised a hit formula.

Withholding existing content may not be a lucky formula for EA. “Star Wars Battlefront” and “Battlefield 1” also faced similar issues. Fans have also demanded the return of the open world. They want to feel the open world, something that’s missing in the current game. While a multitude of areas still exist, fans don’t feel it due to the blank static screen. It has ruined the happiness of exploring the vast living world. Moreover, holidays, that were a part of this virtual world, is missing.

It would be a great idea if EA brings back the concept of holidays with “The Sims 5,” if they want to tread on the time-tested formula of the franchise. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the game.