Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Can Kill Apple's iPad But iPad Pro in The Works Still

By @preciousvsilva on
A new iPad is seen following a presentation at Apple headquarters
Here is a list of best features of the brand new Apple iPad Pro. Pictured above: A new iPad is seen following a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California October 16, 2014. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Apple's iPad sales decline by the day compared to the iPhone. However, analysts remain optimistic that the company can still sell more in the long run despite the obstacles. More importantly, a recent leak about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 suggests that it can be a contender and possibly a "killer" of the iPad series. Will Samsung be able to beat its biggest tech rival?

Apple's iPad series may be considered a premium product but part of the problem boils down to its price. The prices are high compared to other competitors that even a "race to the bottom" could leave Apple hanging against competitors according to The Motley Fool. The pressures on the high end part of the market can contribute to the problem of the iPad. Things can also become even more challenging when rivals like Samsung try to put out their competing devices and for a possibly lower price.

According to the leaked specs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 may just be a viable tablet option as it weighs 260g and measures 198.2×134.5×5.4 for the 8-inch version. The 9-inch version, on other hand, weighs 407g and measures 237.1×168.8×5.4. The two devices will offer 2048X1536 pixels for resolution.

A selling point of the devices is that they extremely thin just offering 5.4 millimeters thick. The iPad Air 2 is 6.1 millimeters thick while the iPad Mini 3 is 7.9 millimeters thick. The tablets will also run on the anticipated Exynos 5433 system-on-chip or its Exynos 7420. Samsung has not yet revealed the final details so specs especially the chip might not yet be on point. Despite the lack of the iOS system, the two devices based on hardware, can give the iPad series some serious competition. The expected release of the devices is around May or June. There are also expectations of the Apple iPad Pro coming but the tech giant has not confirmed all details.

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