Same-Sex Marriage Bill in Australia Up for Voting in Senate Before June Ends

By @reissasu on

Australia Greens advocate same sex marriage, bill pushed for voting in Senate

The same-sex marriage debate in Australia is far from over.  Since Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott did allow a bill to recognise gay marriage in Australia, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will move to a vote in a Senate before June ends. 

The Australia Greens will take the bill to the Senate to vote on a significant portion of the bill.  If passed, all gay marriages performed outside of Australia will be recognised.  Ms Hanson-Young told reporters in an interview that gay couples who are recently married elsewhere will have to check their marriage at customs since their union was not recognised by Australia.

Same-sex marriage advocates continue campaign for equality

The passage of the Overseas Marriages Recognition Bill would be a critical step to ensure equal rights for gay couples.  Same-sex marriage advocates are calling for Australian politicians to listen to the people.

Same-sex marriage will encourage adoption since homosexuals cannot reproduce naturally.  Unwanted children and orphans will have the chance of a better life.  Marriage between homosexuals will also encourage them to settle down and abandon a lifestyle of sexual freedom. This will also reduce the number of HIV cases that is common among the homosexual population.    A promiscuous lifestyle is something that society does not want to encourage. 

According to same-sex marriage advocates, society must remember that gay people have the same values as those with the heterosexuals.  They are faithful to their partners and value the family.  Many of the homosexuals are capable of making a significant contribution to the community.  The benefits of gay marriage have led some governments to legalise marriage in their countries.  Homosexuals are also part of society.  They are still people who have a different sexual orientation other than their biological one.  Homosexuality is not an illness with a cure.  Society can do nothing but accept these realities since prohibiting their right to choose a lifetime partner is against their human rights.  An individual has the right to live freely and enjoy his or her rights as a person.