Robert Xie found guilty for 2009 murders, pleads innocence

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Men are handcuffed after they were detained by police during a police anti-illegal drugs operation in Quezon city, Metro Manila, Philippines November 9, 2016. Picture taken November 9, 2016. Reuters/Czar Dancel

Robert Xie has pleaded innocence in the murder of five members of the Lin family. The four trials that followed the crime have spanned more than seven years.

The victims of the heinous crime – Xie’s brother-in-law Min "Norman" Lin, 45; his wife Yun "Lily" Lin, 43; her sister Yun Bin "Irene" Lin, 39; and the Lins' two sons, Henry, 12, and Terry, 9 – were bludgeoned to death with a hammer. According to the prosecution, Xie felt an “inferior” status in the Lin family, which inspired him to commit the horrifying crime.

However, Xie has pleaded not guilty to the crimes. “I am not guilty,” he told the jury.

Following four trials that have taken place over seven years, the 53-year-old former ear, throat, and nose doctor has been sentenced to life in prison following a NSW Supreme Court’s decision that found him guilty of the murders. The decision came in an 11-1 verdict. The trial, which lasted for six months, came to an end after eight days of deliberation.

It is alleged that Xie, accused of killing five people on July 18, 2009, snuck into the Lin household after disconnecting the electricity of their home. It is believed the incident occurred hours after a Friday night dinner with the extended family. He drugged his wife to allow him to easily escape from his house shortly after 2AM and walk over to the house of the Lins.

After making his way upstairs, he first killed his brother-in-law and his wife. He then moved to the adjoining room to kill Irene. Subsequently, he entered the nephews’ room and killed them. Evidence of blood spatter on the wall confirmed that a struggle between him and the nephews occurred as they were killed.

Xie’s wife, Kathy Lin, presented an alibi – saying her husband did not leave the bed that night. AAP (via Sky News) reports that, according to prosecutor Tanya Smith, Kathy often tried to assist her husband not because she knew he was guilty but, instead, she believed he was being framed by the authorities.

Defence lawyer, Robert Webb, said the crime involved multiple culprits. He also added that Xie got along well with his relatives, adding that he treated his nephew Henry like a son.