Qantas to feature Aussie artworks in amenity kits

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Lucy Simpson 'Gaawaa Miyay' - Dhina
One of Qantas Airways' new amenity kit features artwork by Lucy Simpson. Qantas Airways Limited

Qantas announced on Wednesday that it will display artworks by some of Australia’s leading artists on amenity kits for international Business class flights. The venture called Qantas Curates seeks to take local art to the skies as it features the works of at least 16 Aussie artists, photographers and digital influencers.

The initiative will launch 16 kits, eight for men and eight for women. These kits will display abstract landscape, indigenous art, pop art, photography, fine art and textile design, with a particularly Australian flourish to a number of the artworks, such as 7000 Ironbarks by Fred Fowler, Maaate by Jon Campbell and Fairy Bread by Billie Justice Thomson.

The kits will be offered to business class passengers on international flights starting May 1, with Jacob Leary’s Bubblegum Dystopia (for women) and Liam Snootle’s No Queen Blues/Unwind (for men) on the lists of first two amenity kits to be distributed. Two new designs are set to be launched per month. Inside the kits are lip balm and face moisturiser by Aurora Spa, ASPAR hand cream, Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs, a wraparound eye and travel socks.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas group executive of marking and corporate affairs, said Qantas is aiming to promote contemporary Aussie art to the world. The airline, she said, is happy to support talented Australians who are telling unique Australian stories through their artwork.

Bonnie and Neil - Gypsy Floral Bonnie and Neil - Gypsy Floral  Qantas Airways Limited

Wirth recognised that amenity kits are significant parts of the international Business class experience. She shared that many of their customers use their kits as make-up bags or a case for their smartphones after the flight, which means the exposure is broad.

Gary Pepper Girl - Hamilton Island 2014 Gary Pepper Girl - Hamilton Island 2014  Qantas Airways Limited

Thomson said she was proud and excited to be part of Qantas’s initiative because it features artworks in a different way. “It’s really exciting to be part of an art exhibition at 38,000 feet,” she exclaimed, adding that it’s a powerful way to share contemporary art with some of the country’s most talented artists, reported.

Other Aussie artworks that will be featured are Home by Craig and Karl, Adas’ Algorithm by Kate Banazi, Gypsy Floral by Bonnie and Neil, Dhina by Lucy Simpson, North Avoca ECL 2016 by Luke Shadbolt, I love the people by Rachel Castle, Black Water by Tom Blachford and more. Qantas was most recently recognised as Australia’s best airline in Trip Advisor’s first ever annual Travellers Choice awards for its “fantastic service” and “good value,” making it a “pleasure to fly with.”

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