‘Project Runway Junior’ season 2 episode 4 spoilers: Designers panic; Tim Gunn’s suggestion

By @royanwesha911 on
Project Runway Junior
Project Runway Junior. Facebook/projectrunwayjunior

A footage that has been released on social media shows the fashion mentor Tim Gunn making valuable suggestions to the designers in “Project runway Junior” season 2 episode 4. The contestants are seen panicking as they tailor their clothes for the runway challenge.

Available on Twitter, the clip for “Project Runway Junior” season 2 episode 4 begins with designers struggling with their fabrics. It is followed by Chelsea who says “Panic, panic, panic” to the camera. When Tim Gunn visits the designers, he does not look pleased with the design of contestant Cartier.

As the challenge begins, judges seem to praise the certain looks but it is not clear which particular design they are talking about. Designer Chris is seen doing a full split on the runway for which he is applauded by the judges and the other designers.



The clip of episode 4 ends with Tim Gunn making a valuable suggestion to the young designers, something they need to keep in mind while making their clothes. He says that the designs need to reveal “who they are.” This makes it evident that the teenage "Runway" designers need to reflect themselves through their designs.

In the last episode of “Project Runway Junior,” viewers found Tim saving A’kai in the Avant Garde challenge. As it was a group challenge, he said that he wished to see more of A’kai and did not want him to leave because of poor group challenges.

Episode 4 will show the performance of the contestants in a panic-stricken situation. Viewers will find out whether the designers are able to deliver their best designs by keeping in mind the suggestion of Tim Gunn. The show is telecasted every Thursday at 9PM on Lifetime in the US. In Australia, the official airdate of “Project Runway Junior” season 2 is yet to be announced.