‘Project Runway Junior’ season 2 episode 3 spoilers: Designers work in pairs; Tim Gunn fencing on the runway

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Project Runway Junior
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The clips that have been released on social media shows fashion mentor Tim Gunn fencing on the runway in “Project Runway Junior” season 2 episode 3. Contestants are also seen to be paired with one another for their next challenge.

In one of the footages of season 2 episode 3, it can be seen that two men are fencing with each other on the runway. They reveal their faces and one of them is Tim Gunn who says, “Surprise.” The clip shifts and the designers are seen working with each other for their upcoming challenge. Gunn is seen advising Hawwaa and A'kai to add a bit more of “drama” to their designs. The differences between these two teenage designers are visible. Hawwaa even says that all the other designers are getting along; they are talking and laughing, except for A'kai and her.



A'kai is seen crying due to the conflicts he has with Hawwaa. Hawwaa says, “I am done,” which leaves the former absolutely clueless. In another clip, he admits that their way of working is completely different from each other. He seems unsure about how the entire collection would finally look like. Teenage designers Chris and Rene are also seen working with each other but they appear to cooperate with each other while drawing the designs.



In episode 2 of "Project Runway Junior," the designers were given a pool task where they had to collect whatever pool party items they could get within five minutes. While Tieler became the winner of the challenge, Lucas was eliminated.

"Project Runway Junior" season 2 episode 3 is telecasted every Thursday at 9PM on Lifetime in the US. The official airdate in Australia is yet to be annouced. Viewers will be able to find out whether the contestants are able to cooperate with each other while they work in pairs. Moreover, Tim Gunn fencing on the runway is also something to look forward to.