‘Project Runway Junior’ season 2 episode 3 recap: Tim Gunn saves designer [Video]

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On Thursday, viewers of “Project Runway Junior” season 2 episode 3 got a chance to see fashion mentor Tim Gunn fencing on the runway opposite American fencer Tim Morehouse. In the episode, Gunn introduces a challenge for the contestants, which he calls En Garde Avant Garde. It is he who saves one of the designers at the very end of the episode.

The contestants are arranged into pairs in “Project Runway Junior” season 2 episode 3.  Hawwaa and A’kai, Allie and Chelsea, Chris and Rene, Cartier and Izzy, Molly and Tyler are the five. Although most of the contestants seem to get along fine, Hawwaa and A’kai face problems while working with each other. When Gunn comes to look at the designs, he advises Hawwaa and A'kai to add a bit more of “drama” to their designs.

A'kai is also seen crying due to the conflicts he has had with Hawwaa. Hawwaa says, “I am done,” which leaves the former absolutely clueless. When A’kai meets Gunn for a private meeting, he asks A’kai to finish his part of the design and to stay calm. Even on the day of the runway, the two contestants have a little fight.  

As the Avant Garde challenge starts, the judges are completely spellbound with the designs. Cartier and Izzy are saved leaving the other four pairs in danger. Allie and Chelsea’s “fencing gladiator” look goes appreciated. Although Hawwaa and A’kai’s look receive appreciation, they are also criticised for their problems while working together. Their design was inspired by medieval armor and blood on the fencing garments. Chris and Rene’s bodysuit and coat receive mixed comments. While the judges like the outer coat, they are not happy with the jumpsuit. The pair which comes up last is Molly and Tieler. They created an avant garde coat and pant set. Christian says that the look should be kept in a museum. All the judges become extremely happy upon seeing their design.

It is not a surprise to anyone when the judges announce Molly and Tieler to be the winners. The contestant who gets eliminated is A’kai. It is then when Tim Gunn comes to the rescue and save A’kai. Gunn says that he wishes to see more of the designer and does not wish to let him go for bad group challenges.

“Project Runway Junior” season 2 episode 3, “Avant Garde,” ends on a good note as Tim Gunn saves the designer. The show is telecasted every Thursday at 9PM on Lifetime in the US. The official airdate in Australia is yet to be annouced.

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