Pokemon trading card game offers new expansion; what to expect from raid-based 'Pokemon Go' events

This expansion brings over 140 new cards
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Pokemon GO
“Pokemon GO” fans are gearing up for an Easter event as a big update has been revealed. Niantic will roll out the event in the coming weeks. The development team is looking to launch certain Egg-themed bonuses during the event. The developer may also launch the game’s newest mechanics. Facebook/Pokémon GO

Pokemon fans have a lot more to look forward to as “Burning Shadows,” the third expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s Sun and Moon series, has just launched. It brings over 140 new cards.

The latest expansion gives out a total of 12 new GX cards, which include Tapu Fini-GX, Golisopod GX, Necrozma GX and Salazzie GX. This exciting expansion also has two new theme decks, one of which features Lycanroc and the Alolan Ninetales.

The debut of Salazzle GX in the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been much celebrated, and this means players who have a copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon can pick up a level 50 Salazzle when they bring their 3DS to GAME stores in the UK. For those in the US, they can get their Salazzles at Gamestop.

According to IGN, another promotion is ongoing. At Toys R Us, visitors can get exclusive Stufful promo card with their respective purchases. Burning Shadows will be available in the Pokemon Online Trading Card Game when the expansion launches. For those who are not yet playing the game, they should check it out, especially if they enjoy “Pokemon GO.”

On the other side, “Pokemon GO” is revving up the excitement. Many players might have noticed they have not been getting enough events in a while, like they saw in the previous year with Fire and Ice, Worldwide Bloom and the Water Festival. This is because “Pokemon GO” has big plans on its table. With the release of raids and the insertion of Legendary Pokemon in the game, players  have a lot to look forward to.

Forbes says that after releasing Zapdos and others into the game in the upcoming weeks, the furor is expected to calm down a little and could return to an event-based one. This means that the spawning rate of X Types might increase, and there will also be bonuses for certain activities.

Recently, the game’s mechanics have changed when raids were introduced. This has become the most profitable activity. It could be expected that Niantic will plan special events that will give more bonuses to raids.